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sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

To my dear Dad.

I hate to look to old photo albuns! this is all a big screw up! I'm there smiling, holding my dad's hand.

I was happy... And I tought you were happy too ._.

*turns the page* mom, you, and my sister! She was chubby xD but so cute! º.º Always smiling, I bet she didn't saw this fucking disgrace coming to us! None of us ever imagined this sick stuff happening.

Now I'm like this. And you're like that, and she ain't the same. We all miss you dad. But really -.- You died looking like a stupid moron piece of shit, Where the fuck you hide your fucking pride when you did that! Sometimes, I feel like i'm the only one who still loves you. Cuz I'm always the naive girl, who lives in a fairytale. What I'm trying to say, is that ... i needed you, and i'm still in need of you.!
You always be my father,
The clock ticks life away ... I'm wasting time talking to dead people so i'm going
  With love, Laura                                                                                     

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